1. asleep at the cheese wheel

  2. macaroni time where’d u go

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  3. sunny alley lyfe

    i bought a good-smelling “sprudelbad, entspannung” tablet and had my first bath in europe & now my skin smells really, really good. did my first load of laundry too, it’s hangin up on a rack that you pull with a little cable to the ceiling in the hallway.

    it’s really hard not to want to drink beer every day in Germany. it’s so fucking cheap, & the area that i’m in is always open. Cassie would dig my neighborhood, there’s all sorts of Arabic and Turkish culture goin on. hookah-bars, shawarma, & kebab, whatevr u vant, all de time. there’s even a couple fried chicken places where you can get the chicken as well as a side of hummus etc. two bio-markten (organic grocers) also close by, both cheap(!!)

    i live a few minutes walking away from Kreuzberg. my new roommate is half-German, half-Venezuelan & makes her living as a painter. she’s at her studio all day er’ry day, & lives off her shows and unemployment but she works at a bar. we drank wine together last night & i like her.

    it’s kinda cold out! tonight i walked up up Sonnenallee from my new place. there’s a movie about it. 

    i guess that’s it really. oh and i’ve been eating a lot of cheese even though i have a head cold, what a fuck-up.

    tomorrow morning is the orientation for my MA.


  4. when you buy frozen breaded fish fillets in europe, you have the option of buying them with a bunch of cheese in them too. it melts.

    - hell

    - yes


  5. does white whine and white cheddar cheesy poofs in bed with your cats make you pathetic or awesome